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8 Poems from ‘Insomnia’

Editors’ Note: Readers may take an interest in the particular manner these poems were composed. The poet says: “The formal process of the poem is perhaps more straightforward than it initially appears. I open a random book to a random page, select either a word or sequence of words, then move onto a new source. Rinse, wash, repeat. While writing it, I was fascinated with how multiple voices and, frankly, some almost Confessional sequences arose from such a seemingly mechanical and sterile process.”


The heathen had no constant belief 
or confession;▫▫this was not 
due to political hypocrisy, 
but to bourgeois vanity.▫▫This isn’t at all 
strange in New York, [ ] 

            I must ask you▫▫Jonathan, have you forgotten
America’s character? [ ]
                        It is a wretched thing to confess.

                                 The first lesson
                          a revolutionary must learn
                              is that he is a doomed man.

                                                            ▫One should be wary
                                         of solidarity,▫▫that tedious and worrisome project,
                                                and▫▫run for office.


                                                Nothing to laugh about!
                                                Be consistently inconsistent!
                                                Nothing stands firm.

The Beasts-head finally thrust itself out from the mass, [ ] 

            [depraved in mind and heart.]


Dissolver of Flesh 

       who overcomes        the reason 

                                   the right of citizens 



            Establishing        the rising rhythm▫▫of immolation to the will of▫▫the rentier economy

            Shattering            those who answer innocently 

is the tyrant’s way 

Justice comes knocking
daily at his door▫▫but
            nobody gets a penny

            a big grin 
            his upturned lip

                        sure destruction. 

                                                                                    This historical epoch was devastating. 



at once becomes hazy again     
with blood——             



(This will help you remember.) 

By night▫▫alarms were ringing.
            We were warned

by the sound of the beating of the air

                        for the crash——drunk
                            with reality.

For a while nothing happens. 

Broken ground. 

Destitute of all sense,
a self-defeating &
catastrophic enterprise. 

This is written in the same hand. 

Imperialists will never lay down 
their butcher knives.


Muscular▫▫Death▫▫writhing about 
▫as an act of flattery,▫▫trumped

            all other▫▫meaning, making machines——stark
            white▫▫completely legal▫▫already fascist——that changed



                                                        conquest & exploitation,▫▫cheering at every shot. 

                                    Space & Time were dragged away;
                                    they dragged after them light. 


                         in quest of the truth
We end up▫▫frothing at the mouth,▫▫smothered
            beneath the monstrous discourse▫▫of
                     the imperialists and capitalists:

“you must accept Them and not complain.” 


                         if another war broke out 
We▫▫could let them have their way——
           with excellent profit,▫▫with
                  no noise at all;



don’t flinch.

You need to study  
         guerilla warfare. 
Get every book you can find  
         on guerilla warfare. 
Discuss Marxist theory.

Let us go on— 
         [ ]Chicago, 
         [ ] Detroit,
         [ ] Philadelphia,  
         [ ] Cleveland, 
         [ ] Pittsburgh,  
         [ ] San Francisco, 
         [ ] Minneapolis,
         [ ] Denver, & 
         [ ] Boston. 

We’re very close.


Shudder and quake,▫▫Prophetic▫▫Young Writer! 

Society is deteriorating;             it has become overrun  
                                                                        with immorality,
                                                                                 with lengthwise gashes.

                                                                                                            (It may be profitable
               that it is not as pure as the preceding▫▫system).  
                                                                                    One will see, in any case:  

         merely a satyr play,  
         merely an epilogue farce 
                  ——droning gnats and mosquitoes.

The three at the extreme-Right appear  
somewhat indifferent to what is happening,  

and are reminiscent in their poses—standing  
with legs crossed and embracing one another 

—of sculptural groups from antiquity: the Three Graces,  
or the San Ildefonso group          of Orestes and Pylades.

                  Alongside these appears a further devil,  

         viewed from the back, who  
with his own billhook 
         again forces down
the soul of the resurfacing
                           wisp of moon. 



Our three travellers however had a great mind to join themselves▫▫in nights of insomnia, so as not to lose all reason. I struggled to flesh out various outlines of my past life, to imagine how it went on,▫▫to remember ‘blood-red-blood’.▫▫(Go into the details.)▫▫I hope to be able to at a future period: to concentrate whatever powers I may possess on the construction of some tribute to those high speculative endowments and comprehensive sympathies which I ever loved to contemplate; but at present—though somewhat ashamed at my own weakness—I find the object yet is too near to me to permit of any very accurate delineation.▫▫Considered in this light some of the poem’s notorious oddities clarify themselves; for example: the unnamed,▫▫their relation with▫▫the worldaltered since the war, and the consequences of this alteration.▫▫Let me refer to the whole▫▫which these disjointed fragments present:▫▫I saw before me an object standing upon a hill. I could not clearly make out its head, but already I was aware that it was of no ordinary shape, without nevertheless being able to distinguish—precisely—the exact proportion of its contours. I dared not draw near,▫▫became enamoured of solitude,▫▫composed this verse. 

All this has been and is. 

There was beauty. 

I give it to you.


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