Price Pressures

It's people who set prices; let's ask them how and why they do it

A Division of Labor

A science fiction TV drama explores questions of slavery and self in the workplace

A Pandemic Archive

Max Alvarez’s interviews record working-class perspectives on the age of COVID

Retro Shock

When the world's a cyberpunk dystopia, where does the genre go next?

Figure and Frame

Safi Faye's films invert the ethnologer's gaze on rural life in Senegal

Owner’s Remorse

Blockchain elites believe everyone deserves a stake in the internet. If Web3 becomes reality, will we all be equal stakeholders?

The Dialectic of Chess Story

New York, New York | USA

Chess Story by Stefan Zweig is the perfect Christmas gift. It’s short enough to read in one sitting and its prose is practically see-through. Every year, I’m tempted to give my copy to a friend, adorned with a handwritten note on the inside flap. But I never will. It’s too...

Pulitzer Bait

Los Angeles, CA | USA

The decline in book titles: a taxonomy of Pulitzer Bait, in most of its common variations.

QUALITY Copper Ingots!

The City of Ur | Iraq

SEA PEOPLES! ELAMITES! LOCUSTS!  Now more than ever, uncertainty is high, and that has nobles SCARED. YOU need a safe, stable store of value. Silver is TAXED, barley ROTS, and ale goes STALE. When you need to keep your assets safe in these turbulent times, you need – COPPER.  For thousands of...

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